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Board of Directors


Chair: Rich Wells (ChE 82)

First Vice Chair:
Toni Richardson (IS 95) 

Second Chair: Larry Schmaltz (CE 79)

Tim Ogdie (ChE 80)

Todd Williams (GeolE 83)


Jeremy Adams (ME 16)

Jeff Allen (ChE 77)

Carlos Beatty Jr. (IE 13)

Mark Benson (MetE 82)

Karla Callahan (Chem 76)

Dan Dolan

Jerry Farke (ME 14)

Lance Hanson (ME 17)

John Henderson (CE 94)

Greg Hintgen (EE 99)

Bill Jones (IE 96)

Shashi Kanth (MinE 93)

Dr. Mike Koch (MinE 80)

Renita Mollman (CE 88)

Bob Morcom (CE 74)

Mitch Nachtigall (IE 03)

Marlene Nelson (ME 74)

Jerilyn Roberts (ChE 99)

Fanar Sefa (ChE 08)

Nicole Stengle (IE 03)

Duke Tallam (EE 84)

Lisa Zacher (Chem 85)


Marc D. Vaillancourt

James Rankin (EE 78)
South Dakota Mines President

Maria Fossum-Cadwallader (IE 96)
Hardrock Club President

Honorary Alumni President

Gary Christman (ChE 74)


Mines Advancement Fund

The Mines Advancement Fund supports the greatest needs of our students and faculty, including scholarships, department resources, facilities updates, industry partnerships, and more. With every dollar gifted to the Mines Advancement Fund, the Center for Alumni Relations & Advancement raises an average of $9 more to support departments, scholarships, and programs. 
Consider designating your gift to the Mines Advancement Fund to maximize your influence at South Dakota Mines.