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Director of Development 


Paul Krueger, Chief Executive Officer 
605.394.2436 |







Brad Johnson (EE 92), Vice President of Development
605.394.2623 |

Lana Thom









Amanda Barnes, Development Director (Bio)
605.394.6661 |









Ron Jeitz (CE 69), Development Officer









Mike Keegan, Development Director
605.394.6661 |







Liz Sailer (IE 93), Development Officer

Michelle Chikos, Senior Prospect Analyst
605.394.6731 |

Lana Thom









Bonnie Mitra, Accountant

Lana Thom







Nicole Haltiner, Accounting Specialist





Kathleen Fitzgerald-Ellis, Director of Stewardship & Communication
605.394.6658 |








JoAnn Strommen, Database Administrator
605.394.6756 |

Shelli Grinager, Director of Alumni Relations
605.394.6148 |

Leah Mahoney







Leah Mahoney (GeolE 80), Director of Planned Giving
605.394.6859 |

Leah Mahoney








Audrey Boehm, Chief Financial Officer
605.394.5304 |


Bailey Ellis, Annual Giving Officer
605.394.2625 |







Jim Wilson, Property Manager 
605.394.6934 |

Nancy Beets, Office Manager 
605.394.2436 |

Jo Dwyer, Alumni Engagement Coordinator
605.394.2347 |

Join our team! 

Director of Development 

Mines Advancement Fund

The Mines Advancement Fund supports the greatest needs of our students and faculty, including scholarships, department resources, facilities updates, industry partnerships, and more. With every dollar gifted to the Mines Advancement Fund, the Center for Alumni Relations & Advancement raises an average of $9 more to support departments, scholarships, and programs. 
Consider designating your gift to the Mines Advancement Fund to maximize your influence at South Dakota Mines.