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Many companies, from large to small, local to national, have matching gift programs. If you or your spouse are employed by or retired from a matching gift company, your contribution to the South Dakota Mines could be doubled or even tripled.

When you make a gift, please obtain a matching gift form (or instructions for logging a matching gift request on-line) from your employer's human resources department. Complete the donor/employee section of the form and send it with your contribution to CARA. We will complete our portion of the form and return it to the company to initiate their fulfillment of the matching gift.

Not sure if your company provides a matching gift program? Contact your human resources department or search using the link below for information about participating matching gift companies. 

Mines Advancement Fund

As the foundation of philanthropy at South Dakota Mines, the Mines Advancement Fund ensures the Center for Alumni Relations & Advancement (CARA) remains the focal point of giving, engagement, and alma mater pride. 
With every dollar gifted to the Mines Advancement Fund, CARA’s development team will raise an average of $9 more to support departments, scholarships, and programs. This is the sort of focus, efficiency, and mission-driven mindset that results in South Dakota Mines’ reputation for excellence.
Consider designating your gift to the Mines Advancement Fund to maximize your influence at South Dakota Mines. For more information, contact Lucas Lund, Annual Giving Director, at