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Gifts of real estate offer great flexibility in financial planning. All proposed gifts of real estate are reviewed by the CARA before the gift is accepted. Real estate includes homes, cabins, commercial buildings, farm land, and other property.

The Benefits to You:

  • Current income tax savings
  • Bypass capital gains
  • Your taxable estate is reduced by the value of your gift

Mines Advancement Fund

As the foundation of philanthropy at South Dakota Mines, the Mines Advancement Fund ensures the Center for Alumni Relations & Advancement (CARA) remains the focal point of giving, engagement, and alma mater pride. 
With every dollar gifted to the Mines Advancement Fund, CARA’s development team will raise an average of $9 more to support departments, scholarships, and programs. This is the sort of focus, efficiency, and mission-driven mindset that results in South Dakota Mines’ reputation for excellence.
Consider designating your gift to the Mines Advancement Fund to maximize your influence at South Dakota Mines. For more information, contact Lucas Lund, Annual Giving Director, at